Super sleek, slick and cosmopolitan, Geneva is a rare breed of city. Its people chatter in every language under the sun and it’s constantly thought of as the Swiss capital – which it isn’t.

This gem of a city superbly strung around the sparkling shores of Europe’s largest Alpine lake is, in fact, only Switzerland’s third-largest city.

Yet the whole world is here: the UN, International Red Cross, International Labour Organization, World Health Organization. You name it, they’re in Geneva; 200-odd top-dog governmental and nongovernmental international organisations meting out world affairs with astonishing precision and authority.

They fill the city’s bounty of plush four- and five-star hotels with big-name guests. They feast on an incredulous choice of international cuisine, cooked up by restaurants to meet ‘local’ demand.

And they help prop up the overload of banks, luxury jewelers and chocolate shops for which the city is known. Strolling through manicured city parks, sailing on the lake and skiing in the Alps next door are hot weekend pursuits.

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Jardin Anglais, Geneva, Switzerlandhh

Panorama Geneva, water jethh

Panorama Genevahh