Situated at the foot of the mighty Jungfrau Mountain, Interlaken enthrals visitors with its overwhelming lake and mountain panoramas.

With its mediaeval fortress ruins and superbly preserved surrounding villages, as well as the friendliness of the inhabitants, Interlaken is the focus of the cultural and social aspects of the region.

The English discovered the woodland beauty, the challenge of the mountains and remedial atmospheric qualities of the region well over a century ago and have been coming here ever since.

English and Russian royalty once came here, set their summer quarters and « stayed for the season ». A number of well-known poets and musicians were regular visitors to Interlaken : Lord Byron, the English poet, the American, Mark Twain, the German composers Wagner and Mendelssohn, and the German poet-nobleman Johann Goethe.

The feeling of the past, of gentler times and quieter days, is still very much a part of this town. Even today you will find well preserved 19th century buildings and horse drawn carriages plying the fashionable Hohematte, a 35 acre park from where one can enjoy an uninterrupted view of the Jungfrau Massif with its magnificent glaciers. Interlaken is a popular summer and winter resort, a perfect setting for work or play.


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