Team building

Team Building – Working Together to Achieve More

Team building events – Whether managed  internally or partially outsourced, our team building activities contribute and enhances the team spirit. Try our evergreen summer or winter olympics, amazing race city discovery, built a roman chariot and race, create your own song during a dinner, actor for a day, filming for fun, team painting, build your own Fiat 500, ice sculpting, sugar sculpting, chocolate making, wine casino, build your own igloo village… our book of ideas has no limits!

Teambuilding is about bonding, having fun, communication and taking the time to understand others. Welcome Swiss takes the time to discuss and understand your requirements in order to create the best teambuilding event for your clients. Mountain, Lake, City or Countryside, wherever or whatever the theme, Welcome Swiss will work to find that unique teambuilding event that stimulates, refreshes and brings together your “team”.

We proivide all full professional event services throughout Switzerland. Our main offices being in the central, french speaking part of Switzerland on the shores of Lake Leman. We organise events in all major cities – Geneva, Lausanne, Zurich, Interlaken, Bern, Basel, Montreux, Lucerne as well as the smaller resorts.

Whatever it may be, Welcome Swiss will do their best to find what’s best for you. We are a dedicated team with our client’s interest at heart. No two clients are the same and we strive for total satisfaction. We listen to our clients and react accordingly. When a program is on the ground, we know how important it is to be contactable around the clock – unexpected changes happen and often very last minute, Welcome Swiss will always be there to help you find solutions.

It takes time to get to know each others way of thinking and working. This is the reason why Welcome Swiss believes in building solid relationships with clients rather than just taking each event as a “one-off business opportunity”. We are a company that puts confidence on top of the list because without confidence, we are not a team.

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Regatta sailing, Geneva's lake, Switzerlandhh


cow milk



Snow shoeing competition





Mountain stream in the Swiss Alps with kayakshh

Ice sculpting, Glacier 3000, Switzerlandhh

Cooking Lesson, Portes des Iris, Switzerlandhh