With DMC Welcome Swiss, quality is paramount, we use the best transport suppliers wherever we go!

Transport requirements for your incentive, congress, product launch or any other special event, DMC Welcome Swiss has it all :
  • Bicycles
  • Motorbikes
  • Cars
  • Old timer vehicles (cars, buses and planes)
  • Sports cars from Ferrari to Bugatti
  • VIP limousines
  • Charter planes of all sizes
  • Helicopters
  • Boats
  • And more

It is important to have the correct transportation for the correct client. DMC Welcome Swiss works with you to organise the best possible transport option for your event. No matter how small or big the group or project, we know how important it is to make “moving around” simple for your guests. We have long standing relationships with our local suppliers and are constantly making quality control checks on both vehicles and drivers. Fortunately, Switzerland has already a very elevated quality and safety control levels for all public and private transportation companies.

A professional destination management company should be creative, imaginative, resourceful, responsive, reliable, act professionally, reactive, innovative, trustworthy, inspirational, passionate, successful, flexible, accommodating, financially stable, respectful. Welcome Swiss “can tick all of those boxes”.

A professional destination management company knows how to surprise, amaze, manage, inspire, motivate, act promptly, think laterally, act quickly when dealing with the unexpected, anticipates possible issues, find ad hoc solutions. Welcome Swiss think on its feets and knows how to react accordingly.

Whatever it may be, Welcome Swiss will do its best to find what’s best for you. We are a dedicated team with our client’s interest at heart. No two clients are the same and we strive for total satisfaction. We listen to our clients and react accordingly. When a program is on the ground, we know how important it is to be contactable around the clock Welcome Swiss will always be there to help you find solutions.

Your DMC is like a good pilot… the more hours you have flown, the better pilot you are!

Bernina Express hh

Helicopter ride, Glacier 3000, Switzerlandhh

VW car Beetle, Switzerland hh

Old timer Post bus, Switzerland hh


Funicular ride Switzerland


Lake Cruise, Geneva's lake, Switzerlandhh